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Jordi, 13 ans

La paix, c’est une chose de vraiment recherchée,
Tout le monde la veut, veut la trouver,
Mais seulement le meilleur peut la trouver,
Après chercher pendant des années,
Pour la trouver, il faut vraiment s’y mettre,
Vraiment s’y mettre à son sujet. Continue reading

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Karen, aged 13

Now if I had a rainbow dream catcher,
Swaying in the wind by my open window,
I’d want it to scare away my nightmares.
Those which meander in my mind at night
And the ones I fear from turning real. Continue reading

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Karina, aged 15

In our 21st century there is a lot of scientific and technological progress which helps us get a better life, however humanity cannot overcome a painful heritage of the past centuries, wars. Wars occur because of misunderstandings between individuals, groups or countries and because of wrong government policies. Continue reading

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Katlo, aged 11

What is peace? Most people think it’s no war, but I think something different I think that peace is you and your family not quarrelling, it is you not felling stressed out about something and to me it’s also getting rid of or helping prevent sicknesses. Continue reading

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Komal, aged 16

The relationship between USA and USSR which developed after the World War Two is known as the Cold War. The “friendship” between USA and USSR only existed as they both had a common enemy which was Germany. It was understood that by 1946 the wartime friendship between the allies had fallen apart due to suspicion and they saw each other as profound enemies. Continue reading

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