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Karina, aged 15

In our 21st century there is a lot of scientific and technological progress which helps us get a better life, however humanity cannot overcome a painful heritage of the past centuries, wars. Wars occur because of misunderstandings between individuals, groups or countries and because of wrong government policies. Continue reading

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Kristina, aged 15

Jade is a lovely little girl aged fourteen. She goes to school in Canada and loves it very much. She has long brown hair and bright hazel eyes. Jade is a really sweet, original and giving little girl. She is also very generous and loves to help people. Jade really cares about the environment surrounding her and she believes in respect. Continue reading

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Megan, 15 ans

La paix est l’absence de guerre entre pays, peuples, villes et états. La paix est un synonymes de la non violence. Vers la fin des années 60 et dans les années 70 il y a eu une grande tendances du “Peace and Love’’. Pour avoir la paix entre la famille, les amis et autre personnes il faut avoir une paix intérieure chez l’individu et ne pas dégager la violence envers autrui. Continue reading

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Na Kyung, aged 15

In modern days, most people define peace as a situation in which there are no wars or violent conflicts going on in a country or in the world. However, the word peace should be defined in a different way. For example, in the story called The Three Little Pigs, a wolf blows pigs’ houses away. Continue reading

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Neel, aged 15

I heard a journalist a few meters away quote Michale Nauman from the ARD news channel, ”In Germany, people put pressure on government by assembling in large numbers but they don’t go for hunger strikes.” Continue reading

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Nik, aged 15

This quote comes from a time when the UN had to try to keep peace in a world threatened by the Cold War. By 1949, what were the dangers to peace? There was no peace in the world for a very long time in the 20th century. Firstly, there was World War I, then Second World War. It seems that after these horrible events there should have been time for a truce, but was it actually so? A new threat was emerging, the Cold War. Continue reading

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Nzilani, aged 15

A scream. A flash of blinding light. A heavy weight on top of me. Screaming. Pain. Then, I hear a voice. “Don’t move.” It says. I can’t tell whether the voice is a man or a woman, or if it’s trying to help me or indifferent. All I know are the words. “It’s very important. You can’t move. Don’t sit up, don’t move your eyes, and don’t move anything.” Continue reading

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