Kristina, aged 15

You can contribute to peace: what actions are you taking in your surroundings, your school, your city or at the international level. 


Jade is a lovely little girl aged fourteen. She goes to school in Canada and loves it very much. She has long brown hair and bright hazel eyes. Jade is a really sweet, original and giving little girl. She is also very generous and loves to help people. Jade really cares about the environment surrounding her and she believes in respect. She thinks it is really important for people to respect each other otherwise there will be no peace in the world.

Every day, she goes to school like everyone else with a positive feeling. When she arrives there, she sees her best friend, Tessa, and they both play together and learn at the same time. When she comes back from school, she walks her dog Buddy to the park. She throws his ball in the air and he comes back with it in his mouth, his tail waving so happily. When she is in the park and sees garbage on the ground she picks it up and throws it in the bin to make her environment cleaner.

Jade is always willing to help people, especially her family because she really appreciates what they do for her. At school, she never lets people fight because she thinks it’s not right. If this does happen at any time, she always solves the conflict because she thinks that is the right thing to do. After her classes, she tutors little children in math; her way of teaching is fun for both her and the child she is tutoring. She also takes part in the debate club and other competitions; this is one of her strongest sides. She is not scared of public speaking; in fact she really enjoys it because then you are able to express yourself in front of many people who listen to what you are saying.

Once a week, Jade goes to help old people in a retirement house not far from the city. She serves them coffee with some cookies in the afternoon and brings Buddy along with her because she knows he makes people really happy. When she comes back home, she has a little bit of homework to do. She enjoys her life but how does she manage all of that work? Jade thinks that if you are forced to do something and you do it because you just have to do it, there is no point, but if you do things that come from your heart and your willingness to help, you will always be successful no matter what.

People think that when there aren’t any wars in the world there will always be peace, but the fact that there is no war does not make the world peaceful. Peace also means to accept differences, to accept other people, other colours, to accept cultures, religions. Peace means to accept different countries, accept the fact that you may have less than other people but you are still the same, differences in rich and poor. Jade is really blessed that she lives in a world without fear and war, but she believes that the world can still use more involvement of people and their contribution to making the world a better place with acceptance of differences.

Jade understands all these things, and it seems to her that as much as she is helping and trying to make peace in the world she is living in, not everyone is aware of the inequalities there are. So, she decides to gather as much people as she can and talk to them about differences and how to make a change. Everyone can make a change in their lives, it doesn’t matter if the change is small or big, every bit counts. If everyone was ready to accept the fact that we are all different, if they were willing to stop and think for the well being of others and of how they could change their ways responsibly, the world could be a better place for everyone. She told the people to spread the word and to think about what they have done for others in the past years. By doing this, she hoped to get the people thinking about these important things that really matter in life. She was proud of the message she brought through and was sure that if every single person was ready to take the initiative to make a change, her goal of making people aware of what peace really is would be achieved!


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