Katlo, aged 11

From your point of view, who embodies action for peace and how? Inspire yourself with a personality or someone from your entourage. 

I chose the question one because I found that that there were lots of people in my life and my community who embody peace to me and inspire me to spread peace as well.

What is peace?

Most people think it’s no war, but I think something different I think that peace is you and your family not quarrelling, it is you not felling stressed out about something and to me it’s also getting rid of or helping prevent sicknesses. And that’s my opinion others may have a different idea of what Peace is but for me to try and keep Peace at home for Peace always starts in the smallest places before it can go worldwide.

Who embodies Peace to me and why?

The person or the people that embody Peace to me are my teachers and my father. My teachers Miss Arnott, Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. Peeters-weem and all my other teachers embody peace to me. This is because they all care about us, their students and the try their best to keep peace within the school community. If there are any problems between friends, the teacher tries his/her best to stop the quarrelling and bring the friend back together. My father embodies peace to me because he works with the World Health Organization (W.H.O). World Health organization also works on peace. How, because first you have to think of what peace is. Peace is not just when there is no violence it is also helping people in need of it for example the blue soldiers or red cross help people in need in places like Haiti and East Africa. So my father embodies peace to me because he helps those people who help with the health of the world. And that is one of the things that are involved peace. My father also embodies peace to me at home because my mum is in china, my father needs to do the cooking and the cleaning making sure that we are okay and making sure his world is at peace and so far it is.

These are the people who embody peace to me the people I look up to and sure there are many people out there that I might meet some day and they will embody peace to me but for now it is my teachers and my father that embody peace to me.


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Sharing entires to the United Nations Peace Essay competitions run by the Information Service in Geneva in 2011
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