Misa, aged 14

How I can contribute to peace

I have recently been made to think about the theme “peace”. I think that peace is something produced as soon as everyone on the universe cooperate and respect each other. For example, when the Great Touhouku earthquake in Japan happened last March. Even though it was a natural disaster, many people were washed away by the tsunami and were crushed under debris. It was so painful to me that I cannot even express my feelings. But the survivors all helped each other, and supported each other in a peaceful way, even most people had lost everything.

I was also looking for peace in another scene, when I saw a student being bullied because of racial discrimination at my school. I could not understand why bullying exist, especially in a school called “International school”, and why people hurt each other’s feelings. I still don’t understand it.

How can I contribute to peace? By increasing the considerations for other people and to respect others. For example, when someone forgot their pencil case, I can offer them a pencil. Then the person gives it back with the words “thank you”. As in this example, we can do many small kindnesses in our everyday life and by piling up these small acts of goodwill, it will make the world fuller with peace. By this, the other person and you yourself feel happy and tender, which is a wonderful thing. In the future, I would like to keep continuing to say words like “thank you” and to be an orderly person with common sense, to bring peace to the world.

How can we all contribute to peace? We can do at least this everywhere, at all times, even at school, in big cities or even on an international level: to respect and think about each other. This action is an ordinary thing and if one is born in this universe, everyone should be able to contribute peace. Although it is easy to say it, it is very hard to actually change it into an action. So please ask yourself, are you an ordinary person, are you contributing to peace?

When every single one of us thinks about the well-being of others, there will be no existence of war, discrimination, bullying or violence anymore. Then, all of us will be able to live with happiness and the world would be surrounded by peace, and this is my dream.


About UN News Geneva

Sharing entires to the United Nations Peace Essay competitions run by the Information Service in Geneva in 2011
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