Na Kyung, aged 15

You have not done enough, you have never done enough, as long as there is still something which you can contribute. – Dag Hammarskjöld

In modern days, most people define peace as a situation in which there are no wars or violent conflicts going on in a country or in the world. However, the word peace should be defined in a different way. For example, in the story called The Three Little Pigs, a wolf blows pigs’ houses away. In the story called The Ugly Duckling, the duckling becomes alienated. In both of the stories, there are no wars of violent fighting taking place, but the reader can find out that these situations are not peaceful. However instead of violent wars or conflicts, there are violations of pigs’ rights and prejudice and discrimination against the duckling taking place. If the characters have shared their thoughts, talents and understood each other, the story would end in a different way. Therefore, I would like to define peace as sharing one’s talents and understanding others by communication.

According to my own definition of peace, everyone can contribute to make a peaceful world. Sharing our own talents by helping others can be one way to make peace. I usually help my friends when they have some questions in school. When they ask me a question, I always do my best to help them. Some people may think that this does not help to create peace, but helping others make the person understand more about the others and to get better chance to communicate with them. The talent that a person can share with others does not have to relate with money or it does not have to be something huge. The talent is something that one can share with others and therefore, can understand better about the others.

Also knowing better about the nations’ around the world and helping the poor by practice will contribute to a society. In developing countries, a lot of poor die of hunger. To prevent this from happening, we can donate money to these people, but there is another way that we can solve the problem of hunger around the world. Over 40% of the crops that has been harvested around the world are used to feed cows and pigs. If we eat less meat, then more crops could be sent to the developing countries which would make a sound and peaceful world. Also donating money can help the people living in hunger. The amount of money does not have to be a lot. If we donate only 1franc, an African child can eat three meals during a day. These actions can create peace, because in most of the developing countries, there are a lot of small conflicts based on resources and food.

Around this world, there are some famous companies that take advantage of cheap and abundant labor. Our role to make a peaceful world is not to buy products made by these exploitation companies. Most of the companies have large farms and factories in the Central and South America where they exploit workers and earn money in an immoral way. If we stop buying the products from these companies, it would contribute to make peace by encouraging the fair trade.

We should save the natural resources which are limited, to make peace. The countries which monopolize resources, such as fossil fuel, stand on these resources as weapons to accomplish their own political goals, which make a state of tension. This situation is usually called as a resource war, which is expected to happen in the future. As these natural resources are limited and our wants are unlimited, the share of the resources is not equal between the countries. This causes scarcity which leads to a conflict. Many people believe that these conflicts are not occurring in our world. However, small conflicts occur because of the scarce natural resources and food resources around our world today. To prevent this, we should use eco-friendly energy and make harmony with the environment.

There are thousands of ways which we can practice to create peace. One other way is to create a campaign to tell people how important peace is. Instead of making campaigns, telling children about what peace is and why we should make peace could contribute to create peace. These days, many children think that peace is when there are no fights or quarrels between their friends or brothers and sisters, because most think that a conflict within countries is something that only happens in books and films. Therefore, kids play at make-believe war. We can tell them about the wars around our world where children like them had to fight in wars, and suggest them to play peace game instead. We can also tell them that the football which they are playing with was made by a child of their age, who works all day long.

If we make a song about peace and sing it together, peace would be preserved. I would like to compose a song which could be sung in Peace Day:

Peace is sharing your talents and mine,
Early in the morning the sun will always shine,
All our thoughts and minds will combine,
Come and hold hands together where there is no line,
Everyone’s love for peace will make everything to be fine.

As Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjöld said, there are a lot of things we can do to contribute and to make peace. We can start by creating a harmonious family and getting along amicably with friends. This is because, when families get together, it makes a country, and when countries gather together, it becomes the world. In other words, harmonious families create peaceful countries, and peaceful countries make a peaceful world. To be a contributor of making peace, we should be open-minded, and have to be able to respect and understand others. Also the voice of every person has to be heard attentively. Peace is a rainbow. We do not have to run over mountains and across rivers to have peace. If we try to create peace by looking further in the future, then peace would run away from us like a rainbow, which we can never catch. We should not be a person who runs to catch a rainbow and regrets oneself afterwards. Peace is always near us.


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Sharing entires to the United Nations Peace Essay competitions run by the Information Service in Geneva in 2011
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