Oliver, aged 12

From your point of view, who embodies action for peace and how? Inspire yourself with a personality or someone from your entourage  

Peace is the colour of blue and white.
It is the natural colour of sky on a warm summer day.
The sea, a calm still water.

Animals of peace are doves and fish.
They are compassionate about all objectives, they show their dedication through hard work and devotion to their lifelong partner.

If an animal was peace it would be a dove or a fish who show compassion and dedication through hard work.

Oak trees are like the wise elderly people of the tree world – the deep green of their leaves shows trength and determination to live through the long hard winters despite their leaves shedding their commitment to live is without boundaries.

Mountains have been around for longer then we know and have been formed through time like the oak tree strated off small and grew to be this point of hope.

Streams flow into rivers and lakes and seas.
From something so small they grow into something enormous.
They are the very roots of a thing that is so powerful.

Love is linked to harmony even linked to friendship.
With love comes happiness and freedom.


About UN News Geneva

Sharing entires to the United Nations Peace Essay competitions run by the Information Service in Geneva in 2011
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