Jackline, aged 16

Peace can have different definitions according to the one who is giving the definition. When you hear the word peace not fighting comes to mind. To me peace is being able to live well with our fellow human beings and living in a safe and peaceful environment where everyone is given the chance to contribute. Everyone has something that they can contribute and they should be allowed to do so no matter how small it is. Peace is very important and it is essential to life because without it the world would be in chaos. Peace is not only being kind to others it’s also making sure that everyone gets justice.

I believe that whatever difference we make we want to start with ourselves. It a way that proves that you really believe in what you are saying and this will make people to start changing. A wise man once said that only had I known that if he had started changing myself then it would have been easier to change his friends and family. We ourselves must understand before we try and pass the word around. It is very hard to convince people to do something when you yourself u are not doing it. An example is when the different companies use celebrities to sell their products, we believe the celebrities and buy the products it’s the same thing u cannot go around telling people to be peaceful if u cannot show by example.

There are many things that we can do fight for peace but the most important thing is getting along with other people and giving them the chance to make a difference in life. No matter what you decide to do it should come from you. The little difference you make in yourself is going to contribute greatly because small steps have to be taken for great things to be achieved. It is better for you to start with yourself and if changing others is impossible it is better that you did something and at least one thing changed (you). It’s probably going to be hard to change others but we should not give up. Take it as your priority to do so and push through to the end.

In conclusion we see that the only way the world is going to change is if we start with ourselves and no matter how hard it gets we should not give up. If you think the steps you’re taking are small know that you can’t achieve anything without first taking small steps. We cannot all do the same thing because we are different so the little thing that you can do you should do it with pride.


About UN News Geneva

Sharing entires to the United Nations Peace Essay competitions run by the Information Service in Geneva in 2011
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