Hannah, aged 15

I define peace as a condition devoid of warfare and hostility. To maintain or embody this condition, one must ensure the happiness and protection of everyone who is or can be effected. Although no individual can protect everyone on Earth, the person in my life who best represents these efforts is my dad. Through his occupation, his home life, and his influence on the people around him, my dad embodies action for peace greater than anyone else I know.

For as long as I have known him, my dad’s career has been dedicated to improving the lives of others and ending conflict wherever it is present. Whether he is working at Amnesty International – fighting for a world where everyone can appreciate the rights of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – or the International Center for Transitional Justice, or even his current occupation within the United Nations, in the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, traveling to the Middle East to record and report information concerning threats to human rights and possible solutions, he has put himself in an environment devoted to promote world peace. Through his contribution to the protection of the human rights of every man, woman, and child, my dad exhibits action for peace in his everyday life.

He may work hard, and he may work often, but my dad still leaves time for family. Even at home, he finds a way to play the mediator. When chaos breaks out, it is always my dad who reaches out to each of us and ties the strings of my family back together. If my brother and I are fighting, and my mom is swamped with work or paying the bills, my dad is there to drop what he is doing and solve the problem. It is always my dad who keeps calm and brings us each to one other to resolve the conflict. At work and at home, my dad exemplifies action for peace by being there and being willing at all times.

My dad consciously takes a stand through his work and his ability to mediate within the family. However, his influence on others is what impresses me the most. His attitude and the way he treats everyone he meets with respect and dignity truly leaves a mark. He has always cared for those around him, regardless of any physical, mental, or emotionally difference, and it really shows. After being around someone like my dad, people begin to reflect his attitude and imitate his willingness to help. It is truly amazing how much of an effect he has on the people around him and, because of this, I believe my dad embodies action for peace.

Through his job, his attitude within the family, and the impact he leaves on others, my dad represents peace everywhere he goes. His work contributes to peace nationwide, step by step. His willingness and desire to resolve conflicts in the family brings peace to the people he loves and the people who love him. The imprint he leaves on everyone he meets disseminates his goal of peace. Everyday, my dad spreads his positive attitude and peaceful practice to more and more people, and every day he works hard to improve lives. In my life, my dad is the greatest representative of action for peace.


About UN News Geneva

Sharing entires to the United Nations Peace Essay competitions run by the Information Service in Geneva in 2011
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