Beth, aged 13

From your point of view, who embodies action for peace and how?  Inspire yourself with a personality or someone from your entourage.  

The person who I think embodied peace was a remarkable woman called Rosa Parks.  I am going to explain why I think she represented peace and how she became famous due to her astonishing and phenomenal bravery.

Rosa parks was born in Tuskegee, Alabama on February 4th 1913 and grew up on a farm.  As Rosa was home schooled,Rosa did not attend a public school until she was eleven years of age. She attended a highly developed school for girls in Montgomery. Rosalater went on to secondary school where she couldn’t complete the years she had left and was forced to leave to care for her sick Grandmother.

A man called Jim Crow had be a big influence onRosa’s childhood. Jim Crow’s “Laws of south” separated white people and black people in their everyday lives.  They were not allowed to share the same restroom, school or any kind of public transport, but part of the segregation had an exception blacks were allowed on a public bus with the whites as long as they sat at the back.

Not being able to have the same rights as white people aggravated Rosa and she yearned to stop it, Rosa wanted equality and couldn’t contain her frustration much longer. It was time to make a change and fight for the egalitarianism of black people.

On December 1st 1995, Rosa Parks decided to stand up for the rights of black people. As Rosa boarded the Montgomery City bus to go home from work. She made a courageous decision and sat near the middle of the bus, behind ten seats reserved for the white people. All of the seats were filled, a white man entered the bus, and the bus driver (proceeded with the law of segregation) demanded that all of the blacks should give up their seat, so that the man could sit there, but defiant Rosa refused give up her seat.  Her courage was spontaneous.

After refusing to give up her seatRosawas later arrested and convicted for violating the laws of segregation.  Referred to as the “Jim Crow’s Laws of south”.

Rosa’s decision became a symbol of the Civil Rights Movement. Rosabecame recognized globally for her perseverance and egalitarianism that day.  She later went on to collaborate with Civil rights leaders including Martin Luther King helping them to achieve freedom and equality for the black people.

Rosa Parks inspired me because she is remembered globally and immediately recognized when people mention Civil Rights Activists.  Her boldness and courage that day was just unbelievable.  She is the first woman to achieve freedom and dignity for the blacks. She also symbolizes that black people have always had the same rights as white people the only thing that separates us is the colour of our skin, but we are all equal and that’s peace, equality is what Rosa Parks showed on the 1st December 1995.


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